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Mitch Little is driven to create value. He started in the days when salespeople were the kings and queens of data, and every customer was glad to see them. Today, he leads the Microchip worldwide sales and application team, the only non-commissioned sales team in the industry. In September 2015 Microchip posted its 100th consecutive quarter of profitability – a record that no other semiconductor company can equal and which they continue to better themselves.

The Blog

Irregular and Irreverent Thoughts from a Sales Fanatic

The Book

Some books are based on academic research or extensive data collection and analysis or psychology and theory. This is a book grounded in the real-life experience of working in the trenches of business-to-business complex sales. We will be sharing with you what we have lived and learned ourselves.

About Me

With over four decades in the electronics industry, Mitch Little has led global engineering, marketing and sales teams both small and large, startup and mature. He has been a part of Microchip Technology since 1989 and now leads the worldwide sales and applications team of the $10+ Billion market cap company, the only non-commissioned sales team in the industry. In the fall of 2015, Microchip will post its 100th consecutive quarter of profitability, a record unmatched by any other company in the industry.