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It seems that the wave of the sales revolution is picking up steam. Just now we are seeing many “sales experts” announce that the role of the salesperson is gone. The internet has won and people in selling can be replaced by specialized recognition systems driven by big data manipulation running on machines. First of […]

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I remember clearly one of the early conversations I had with Jim Camp, author of Start With No. Jim and I had become good friends very quickly. We shared a true passion about the power of NO. America’s number one negotiating coach, Jim passed away in November of 2014 and the world misses his practical […]

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As sales people we hear it all the time – it’s all about driving to The Close. When are you going to close that deal? What do you need to do wrap this up? The majority of sales training for the last several decades has been focused helping the sales person close the deal. There […]

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Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care. – Theodore Roosevelt As sales people our past success over several decades has been driven by data – data in the form of what we KNEW. Our success in “selling” was once based on the information that we had in our heads, the […]