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My Top 18 Books on Business (and Life!)

This month I’m deep in wrapping up the manuscript for the book I’m writing with my friend and colleague Hendre Coetzee. We are expecting that ShiftAbility: The Mindset and Skillset You Need to Excel in Sales Today will be launching in a couple of months – stay tuned for more news on that! Throughout the […]

Let’s Get Personal

Last blog, we talked about the value of delivering insight and how it needs to be tailored to the specific client you are working with. The best of all outcomes are achieved when you, as a serving professional, actually co-create insight that applies to a specific person within the client. It applies to that person […]

A Little Insight on Insight

“Insight” is an important word in sales today. In today’s world of commoditized products with little differentiation, being able to deliver unique and valuable insight to your clients is what is going to set you apart from the competition. Insight is a central part of the Total Benefit of Ownership conversation I wrote about in […]

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Stop Closing!

As sales people we hear it all the time – it’s all about driving to The Close. When are you going to close that deal? What do you need to do wrap this up? The majority of sales training for the last several decades has been focused helping the sales person close the deal. There […]

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Plan. Do. Review.

  The Circle of Life is known. The Circle of Seasons is known. The Circle of Beer may not be as well known (yes it’s real…google it.) And the Circle of Selling is probably the least known of all. But it is this specific circle that drives the best performing sales teams to exceptional levels of […]