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Over the years author Steve Chandler has been a highly positive influence to many of us on the Microchip team. Steve’s teachings around the concept of being Fearless were central to the first few years of my weekly message to the team.  Steve taught us all that our greatest challenge was overcoming the fear that exists in our own head about things […]

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Thinking differently to respond and thrive in a different age of selling requires a different center of focus. It’s far too easy to get inwardly focused on our products, on our features and benefits, on our pitch, on our sales cycle. Instead our new thinking and new actions that will lead us to developing new clients must […]

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In my last post I shared the concept of “limiting beliefs” which has really been resonating with the readers of Shiftability. A central theme of our book is what we believe is at the center of any potential for transformation. Our ability to shift into new ways of operating in the new sales paradigm depends first on […]

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One of the big ideas from Shiftability that is resonating with readers is the concept of limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs are the things that keep you stuck where you are, that get in the way of moving to a new level, that block your path to greater success – the things that you believe that […]