Counter PICOS

“The result of long-term relationships is better and better quality, and lower and lower costs.” W. Edwards Deming Generally, I agree with Deming. Except when that relationship involves a supply chain (purchasing) team that is schooled in PICOS. When that is the case, all bets are absolutely off and you had better hold on to […]

No Discount

It’s not new, and it’s not even surprising anymore, but it is sad. What is sad is the amount of human time and energy put in to the price of what we sell. We have pricing strategies, pricing matrices, price lists, price points, price quotes, price negotiations, rebates, pre-bates, discounts, and endless systems and tools […]

The Journey Into Relevance

In the beginning there were people who made stuff and people who needed stuff. Then there were the peddlers of stuff who helped the makers and the buyers find each other.   The peddlers of stuff were very successful for hundreds of years, because both the makers and the buyers needed them.  Stuff was bought and […]

Stop Giving Presentations

Please. Stop giving presentations. Now, let me expand and explain. One of the very worst tools to ever be used by a sales person is PowerPoint. Not that it is bad on its own, just that we all use it as a crutch. We have all misused the true power of the tool because it is what […]

How Not to Be a Dinosaur

As I find myself studying Edwards Deming more these days, I realize there is an amazing amount of fundamental business wisdom in much of his thinking and many of his quotes. This past week I was reminded of the vital nature of one of his most challenging quotes ever: “It is not necessary to change. […]