Coaching Is Forever

by Nov 9, 2020

Coaching is Forever


Coaching is not a journey, it’s a lifestyle. And something that you choose.

Coaching is not a method, it is serving. And doing it without reserve.

Coaching done well is not an event. It is forever.

Coaching is caring greatly about someone. Taking a great amount of time to understand them deeply. It is action-oriented by serving endlessly. And it is deeply founded in a clear understanding of another’s purpose.

And yes, here again, the fundamental framework of CUSP serves us quite well. Care greatly, Understand deeply, Serve endlessly, with Purpose.

There is a funny thing about coaching. A lot of people have come to the conclusion that Coaching, has an endpoint to it. Kind of like the end of a football game. The phrase I hear repeatedly is something like…”I have coached “them” several times on this subject and they just don’t seem to “get” it”. The “coach” is frustrated because they have “coached” the person they are referencing, several times on the same subject with no change in outcome. Often it sounds like they are expecting to have a chat, fix the “issue” and move on.

Let’s tear this “frustration” apart a bit… First, from the comment that I most often hear…” I have coached them several times”, comes the pretty clear reality that what is being done “TO” the person is more accurately labeled mentoring, instructing, managing, directing, or a whole lot more…it is not coaching. So let’s reframe that thought of getting into a true coaching mode that guides us to help someone else achieve what THEY desire to achieve.

And once we get beyond that, the next stumbling block is the assumption that this is an event-driven activity that has an end to it. And if you are going to coach then you need to kill the concept that it is anything less than a continuous improvement project that will have ebbs and flows in lots of directions and will simply continue. Coaching is FOREVER…but ONLY if you want to help others AND improve yourself!

So last week I wrote…. Stop CLOSING, start CARING. And this week I add to that… Stop MANAGING, start really COACHING…. FOREVER!

Ok, Let’s Roll,

p.s. and if you want to learn what the VERY BEST coaching looks like, check out my friend Hendre at

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