Your Attitude is EVERYTHING!

by Aug 31, 2020

Virtual Fist Bump

Digging into the science behind optimism this week led me to share a few things about it.  There are a ton of really great quotes covering the subject.  Here are just a few of those thoughts.

“There is very little difference in people.  But a little difference makes a big difference.  The little difference is attitude.  The big difference is whether it is positive or negative” – W. Clement Stone

Dr. Karl Menninger said, “Attitudes are more important than facts.”

We know clearly that we cannot control what the world throws at us, COVID-19 has proven that absolutely.

However, even under the toughest and most ridiculous of “challenges” we are free to manage our thoughts and moods.  We have in each case, the chance to rise above the circumstances.  WE are in control of our reactions.  We choose the direction we take and the lens under which we examine all possibilities. Choose the lens of possibility and hard optimism.

Seen on a bumper sticker…
No sense being pessimistic.
Wouldn’t work anyway.

Per General Colin Powell, “optimism is a force multiplier”.  And in today’s battles, we need every resource we can muster up.  This one is ours to choose to use.

So, this week…. I challenge you all to have a different kind of 2-way conversation.  Each day, share with someone different, what it is today that makes you have gratitude, what makes you feel grateful.  Want to get really gutsy, do this with a client each day.  Take a moment to tell them what you are grateful for in your relationship with them.  Get specific, get detailed, get real.  No B.S. softballs here.  Think about it, do it, mean it.  Watch the walls crumble. Then have the courage to make this part of who you are with people.  You are someone that cares greatly, takes the time to understand deeply, and serves others with a big purpose (make the world a  better place!)

OK, Let’s Roll!

– Mitch

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