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One thought on “Be Like Water

  1. Hi Mitch
    The photo, Great photo, shows the shiftability itself. I started on electronics sales in 1986 after 8 years doing electronic design. At that time sales and apps-support were one “man” and silicon makers were driving “clients” needs due to lack of internet.Silicon providers even distributors were the “Masters” and of course at that time “shiftability” was also important as every “client” was different from the others.
    Nowdays Clients still are “human beeing” but the “information” is present in a different and strong way so like Water we have to adapt to Clients needs but due to the fact that we Can’t drive them as 20 years ago is Mandatory to create “Fears and Needs” apart of the classic relationship to be able “Driving them”in our profitable Way creating a WIN TO WIN.

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